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360 Business Coach CEO Peer Groups

As a Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) CEO, you are no stranger to the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running your own business. However, the journey to success can sometimes feel like a lonely road. That’s why the 360 Business Coach is thrilled to announce New MWBE CEO Peer Groups starting in January 2024. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get connected, and receive the support you deserve, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Unlock Your Full Potential:

The 360 Business Coach MWBE CEO Peer Groups are designed to empower MWBE CEOs to reach new heights in their businesses. Whether you are just starting out, have been in business for a few years, or are well-established, we have a peer group tailored to your needs.

  • Bronze Group: Startups and New Ventures (0-1 year in business)
    • Perfect for those who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey.
    • Gain insights and guidance to overcome initial challenges and set a strong foundation for your business.
  • Silver Group: Established Owners (2-5 years in business, revenues between $500K-2.5 million)
    • Connect with fellow MWBE CEOs who have navigated the early stages of business growth.
    • Tackle common issues such as scaling, cash flow management, and marketing strategies.
  • Gold Group: Established Owners (2.5+ years in business, with $2 -10 million in annual revenues)
    • For MWBE CEOs with substantial experience and revenue looking to break through the $10 million barrier.
    • Dive deep into advanced strategies, partnerships, and leadership development.

Why MWBE CEOs Should Join:

  • Peer Learning and Support: The 360 Business Coach MWBE CEO Peer Groups offer a safe and confidential environment where you can openly discuss your business challenges and goals with like-minded entrepreneurs who understand your unique perspective.
  • Personalized Solutions: Our groups act as your personal board of advisors, providing you with valuable insights, strategies, and solutions to address specific issues such as logistics, cash flow, accounting, and relationship building.
  • Global Reach: Our peer groups meet on Zoom, allowing MWBE CEOs from around the world to connect, share experiences, and build a network of valuable contacts that can extend beyond borders.
  • Monthly Meetings: We understand that your time is precious, which is why our groups meet just once a month. This commitment ensures that you can balance your participation with your demanding CEO responsibilities.
  • Growth at Every Stage: Whether you’re looking to start strong, solidify your position, or push your business to new heights, our MWBE CEO Peer Groups offer guidance and insights tailored to your specific stage of business development.

Don’t let the challenges of MWBE entrepreneurship hold you back. The 360 Business Coach MWBE CEO Peer Groups are your ticket to success, connection, and support in the world of business. Join Now and hold your seat for January 2024 groups, and together, we’ll elevate your MWBE business to the next level. Get connected, get support, and become a part of a global community of thriving MWBE CEOs. The journey to $50 million begins here!


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