How to be a happy entrepreneur?

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What is Happiness? 

We all want to be happy yet many of us fail to really define what this is and what it would look like in our life. Often, we chase goals or achievements that we think will make us happy but when we get there we often find we are not.

Happiness comes when we take care of ourselves and work to meet our needs both internally and externally. How you meet these needs will be an individual journey. You do not have to wait for happiness to show up you can work to cultivate it in your life.

What Is Happiness

The field of positive psychology has worked hard to define what happiness is and how one can cultivate more often it in their life. Dr. Martin Seligman the founder of positive psychology created a model of what the “Good Life” entails. He outlined the “Good Life” in the PERMA model of well-being.

PERMA Model of Well-Being

Happiness is a concept like the weather. There is not one thing that makes up weather but rather several different elements like temperature, humidity, wind, etc. The same is said for happiness, it has a number of different components. The PERMA model of well-being outlines these different factors. When you work to meet them then you will increase your well-being. If you do not meet them then you will not have much happiness.

  1. Positive Emotions

This is the element many people equate with happiness. Feeling such as joy, comfort, warmth, contentment, and pleasure do accompany happiness, but they are just one part of it. It is also more than just the emotions it goes deeper into enjoyment. When we are doing things that bring us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment such as our hobbies, activities happiness follows. Doing acts of kindness for others can also increase positive emotions.

  1. Engagement

This involves being absorbed or engrossed in something. It is the experience of getting lost in a book, music, conversation, work, artwork or living in one’s own world. This form of engagement has a positive impact on one intelligence, skills, and emotions. Engagement brings about more happiness. It allows you access more flow where space and time can disappear for a short while.

  1. Positive Relationships

The third element of well-being relates to our desire and need for love, attention, connection, affection, and interaction. As humans, we are social creatures, and we need to feel like we belong. Having healthy supportive relationships is a key part of happiness.

  1. Meaning

Life is nothing if we do not have meaning. Many people try to replace this key part of happiness with money and material things, but it does not work. We are only happy when we have meaning and purpose in our lives. Finding meaning in your work and at home can help you access more happiness.

  1. Accomplishments:

We take pride in our achievements. It is these accomplishments that helps us build confidence and self-esteem When we achieve our goals it can make us feel good and helps us to become motivated to do more.

5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

  1. Focus on Problem Solving: Too often we can get lost in our problems or get in a habit of venting about what is not working. To increase your happiness try searching for solutions and positively reframing circumstances. Focusing on optimism, the belief that things will work out in the future will also increase your happiness and health.
  1. Build Quality Relationships: Be mindful of the people around you. Try to be compassionate and open to understanding and connecting with those around you. Celebrate other’s good news and share your emotions and thoughts with your friends and family. Respond actively and constructively to those around you to help foster better quality relationships which will increase your well-being.  
  1. Practice Compassion: How you treat yourself is also important when it comes to being happy. The practise of self-compassion can help boost your happiness. If you are criticizing and judging yourself it is important to take time to help this part of you learn how to be more kind.
  1. Set Meaningful Goals: Set meaningful goals for yourself that provide you with a sense of purpose. Continue to grow in a direction that supports a positive sense of identity and helps you to build greater self-esteem. As you achieve these goals savour the journey and your success as this will increase your enjoyment of them.
  1. Practice Gratitude: The practise of gratitude is scientifically linked to greater happiness. Taking time to notice and appreciate the things that are going well in your life helps these things to grow. We have to consciously notice the good in our lives as we are wired to notice to negative for our survival. Therefore, having a formal gratitude practice can help you begin to re-wire towards more happiness and well-being. What you focus on will grow. 



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