Unwrapping Success: Small Business Guide to Boosting Holiday Sales

holiday sales

As the holiday season twinkles on the horizon, small businesses buzz with potential. With the National Retail Federation reporting that holiday sales will represent19% of annual sales, it’s clear that this festive period is a golden opportunity. But how can you, the small business owner, deck your sales figures alongside the halls? Let’s unwrap some effective strategies to jingle all the way to the bank.

Get Festive with Your Marketing

The holidays are not just a season; they’re a mood. Infuse your marketing with festive cheer. Bright colors, warm messages, and holiday themes can make your brand resonate with the spirit of the season. Remember, consumers are ready to spend but they also seek connection – a survey by American Express found that 53% of shoppers choose to shop at small businesses because they like the personal service they receive.


A local bakery can share daily social media posts counting down to Christmas with special recipes or behind-the-scenes looks at holiday treat preparations.

Bundle Up Sales with Holiday-Themed Promotions

Create holiday bundles or promotions that offer value and convenience. Bundle best-sellers with new or less popular items to boost overall sales. Time-sensitive offers can create urgency, so consider “12 Days of Deals” or “Black Friday Flash Sales.”

Statistical Support:

Forbes highlights that product bundles increase sales by giving customers perceived value and reducing the decision-making process.

Leverage Social Media for Sparkling Campaigns

Social media is Santa’s sleigh for delivering your holiday message far and wide. Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to run targeted ads based on user interests. Engage with your community through holiday contests or share user-generated content to build trust.

Fact Check:

According to Sprout Social, social media directly influences the shopping choices of 74% of consumers.

Deck the Halls with Exceptional Customer Service

Holiday shopping can frazzle nerves. Offer exceptional customer service to stand out. Quick responses, easy returns, and personal touches can turn a one-time shopper into a loyal customer.

Real-Life Success:

Zappos has set the gold standard for customer service. In 2011, Zappos sent flowers to a woman who ordered six different pairs of shoes because her feet were damaged by harsh medical treatments.


Jingle All the Way with Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed email. Tailor your messages with holiday themes and personalization. Segmented email campaigns, according to DMA, can lead to a 760% increase in revenue.

Make Spirits Bright with a User-Friendly Online Experience

Ensure your website is ready to handle increased traffic and is mobile-friendly. Google states that 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load.

The holiday season is a marathon of merriment and sales. By adding a personal touch to your marketing, creating value-packed promotions, embracing the digital landscape, and providing exceptional customer service, your small business can not only survive the holiday rush but thrive in it. Now go out there and spread some cheer – and watch as it comes back in the form of sales!

Ready to sleigh your sales? Start planning your holiday strategy today, and if you need a little elf help, reach out to us at 360 Business Coach we can help to guide your sleigh to the top of the sales mountain!


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