CEO Peer Group

Do you scour the internet soaking up juicy information to fuel your business, wherever you can find it? 

I know MANY entrepreneurs who still do this.

But there comes a point where FREE information, like webinars, YouTube videos, blogs, and emails that may have some value is just NOT enough to grow or scale your company–– and…how do you even know what information you can trust and what is a misleading scam and a waste of your time? 

“Having built multi-million-dollar businesses from zero to seven figures, I know that what I’ve learned to scale my business to this level did not come from free content that I stumbled on.  I needed to invest real money and time in my business to REALLY see things turn around and catapult to the top of my industry. There simply are no shortcuts or quick fixes, but there is a way to build your company. “

                                         -Rose Salem-Tilford      

 Savvy business leaders are reaping the benefits of joining a CEO Peer Group. This group bands minority and women owners together, allowing CEO of non-competing companies to learn each other’s best business practices to help propel each member’s business to the next level.

  • Joining a group that consists of other MWBE owners facing the same daily challenges as you, no matter the industry will give you just the right support you need to overcome hurdles and biases that minority and women face in business.
  • Our peer group size ranges from 8 to 14 members as 360 BC finds that these size groups are beneficial in allowing new ideas and perspectives to be introduced effectively.
  • 360 BC Peer Groups are  facilitated by highly professional and seasoned minority and or women business leaders including former CEOs with coaching and mentoring training.





Over 50% of small businesses face immediate risks to survival due to the impacts of COVID-19

Minority and women owned companies are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19
360 Business Coach is here to give these companies a fighting chance!