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Receiving guidance as you attempt to avoid potential pitfalls, is simply priceless.

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2 Hrs, One-on-One

Starting a new business but wondering if it’s going to work?

Get help creating your business with proven strategies that can help turn your idea and talents into the business you have always wanted:

* 2 Hours of One-on-One help from highly experienced entrepreneurial coach

* Coaching gives you clarity, helps you set goals, and holds you accountable

* 360 Business Coach guides and motivates you so that you can  overcome challenges

* Learn about Incorporation, Financial Projections,  and Marketing for a steady stream of customers

 17 Million new businesses will start this year and 50% will fail.  Set yours up for success with the right guidance, tools and resources.

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1:1 Business Coaching Sessions (Monthly Package)

1 Hr, One-on-One Weekly

Week after week you will get the help you need to make the decisions necessary to lead your company where you want to take it.

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1 Hr, One-on-One

We will provide you with measured one-to-one weekly business coaching for an intense hour. This allows us to work together to create your individual roadmap. Then we will hold you accountable while you implement the steps you need to take to reach your goals.


30 minute, FREE Consultation

We invite you to join one of our 360 MWBE Group where members are banding together to propel their business to the next level.  Secure your seat, new CEO peer groups starting January 2023! 


Intense 8 Weeks Online Course

This intense 8 weeks online course is for professionals who are serious about their business opportunity. 

We coach and mentor you through the process. This entails coaching tools that give you clarity to know your strengths, goals, challenges, and plans, so that you can have a straight path to a successful business. 360 Business Coach also mentors you by sharing our best business practices. And as all good business coaches do, we hold you accountable.

This is how professionals are leaving their 9-5 and start a successful business in just a few months, without losing their income.

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This might upset a few people but I’m going to say it anyway — Any professional who’s writing a business plan is wasting her time!

I know, everyone thinks the ‘old school’ way is the best way to launch a business, but it’s just not true!

The clients we work with go from killing time in their career, worrying that it’s too late to be their own boss … To getting their business up and running (and profitable) without ever writing a business plan.

Yep, it’s true that SOME kind of plan is needed. 

But our clients ditch the admin, and are able to successfully build their company.

Not just that, they match (and then surpass) their previous salaries, even if they had no experience working for themselves, and without burning any bridges or skipping a single pay check.

Interested in exactly how they do this? 

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