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Receiving guidance as you attempt to avoid potential pitfalls, is simply priceless.

Schedule your private confidential session today knowing you are gaining a premier business coach who understands exactly where you are.Β Β 


Invest in Your Business Dream:


  • Exclusive 2-Hour Intensive: Only $500 for a personalized deep dive into launching your successful venture.
  • Immediate Start: Book now to begin transforming your idea into a thriving business.

Expert Guidance for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

  • Tailored Coaching: Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned entrepreneurial coach over a focused 2-hour session.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Gain clarity, set actionable goals, and receive accountability to keep you on track.
  • Holistic Approach: Our 360 Business Coach will empower you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Master Key Business Skills:

  • Essential Knowledge: Learn about critical aspects like Incorporation, Financial Projections, and effective Marketing strategies to attract a steady customer base.

Statistics Don’t Lie:

  • Beat the Odds: With 17 million new businesses starting this year and a 50% failure rate, set yourself apart with the right guidance and tools.
  • Secure Your Success: Don’t be a statistic. Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive.

Your Future Awaits:

  • Learn More & Get Started: Take the first step towards your business dream with Startup 101.
  • Reserve Your Spot NOW: Limited availability for these transformative sessions.

🌟 Book Your Inspiring 2-Hour Session Today and Begin Your Journey to Success! 🌟


1 Hr, One-on-One Weekly


Elevate Your Leadership:

  • Exclusive Weekly Sessions: Dive deep with 1-hour, one-on-one sessions, tailored to your unique business challenges.
  • Strategic Guidance: Each week, gain insights and actionable strategies to steer your company towards its goals.
  • Empower Your Decision-Making: Enhance your leadership skills and decision-making prowess with expert advice.

Invest in Success:

  • $1000/Month: A strategic investment in your business’s growth and your personal leadership development.
  • Limited Availability: Secure your spot and start transforming your business journey.

Ready to Lead and Succeed?

  • Book Now – Commit to excellence and witness the transformation in your business performance.


Empower Your Leadership Journey:


  • 12-Month Virtual Meetings: Connect with like-minded MWBE leaders in monthly 2.5-hour sessions.
  • Start Dates: New groups kick off on January 3rd, 4th, and 9th, 2024.
  • Regular Schedule: Meet on the first Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning each month.

Membership Tiers:

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Groups: Monthly fees range from $700 to $900, offering options to suit your needs.
  • Initial Commitment: A non-refundable $500 deposit secures your spot.

Limited Slots:

  • Exclusive Opportunity: Space is limited in these transformative groups. Reserve now to ensure your place.

πŸš€ MWBE CEO Peer Group: Your Platform for Growth πŸš€

Discover the power of our 360 MWBE Group and how it can propel your business forward. Secure your seat for January 2024!

🌟 Elevate Your Team: Transforming Work Culture 🌟

Are workplace tensions hindering your team's productivity and morale? Is toxic culture affecting your company's success? It's time for a change.

Unlock Team Synergy:

  • Expert Coaching: As your dedicated Business Coach, I bring a wealth of experience in fostering collaboration and teamwork.
  • Tailored Strategies: We’ll work together to customize solutions that align with your unique business goals.

Eradicate Toxicity:

  • Identify Issues: We’ll pinpoint sources of toxicity within your organization.
  • Positive Transformation: Implement actionable steps to create a healthy, thriving work environment.

Empower Your Team:

  • Enhance Productivity: Boost team morale, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Cultivate Success: A harmonious workplace is the foundation for achieving your business objectives.

Group Coaching Pricing:

  • 2-Hour Session with 2 Participants: $1,400
  • 2-Hour Session with 3 Participants: $1,800
  • 2-Hour Session with 4 or More Participants: $2,000 + $250 per participant per hour for each additional participant beyond 4.

Ready to Make a Change?

  • Book Now: Take the first step towards a harmonious, productive work culture.
  • Together, We Can Create a Workplace Where Your Team Thrives!


Intense 8 Weeks Online Course

This intense 8 weeks online course is for professionals who are serious about their business opportunity.Β 

We coach and mentor you through the process. This entails coaching tools that give you clarity to know your strengths, goals, challenges, and plans, so that you can have a straight path to a successful business. 360 Business Coach also mentors you by sharing our best business practices. And as all good business coaches do, we hold you accountable.

This is how professionals are leaving their 9-5 and start a successful business in just a few months, without losing their income.

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