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It’s predicted that 17 million new business will form this year 2022, making it the third consecutive record year for entrepreneurship. It’s looking like the Great Resignation could lead to small business revolution. But making the jump from working at a big businesses to people launching their own business is not easy.  We are here to HELP!

We coach and mentor you through the process. This entails coaching tools that give you clarity to know your work strengths, goals, challenges, and plans, so that you can have a straight path to a successful business. 360 Business Coach also mentors you by sharing our best business practices. And as all good business coaches do, we hold you accountable.

Schedule a session and get positive action-based, growth-focused help from someone like you, who has been where you are now.

Launch Your Business In 8 Weeks

This is for professional women 40 plus that are tired of working for someone else and want to become business owners. If you’re stuck in a position that you have long outgrown, and have a business idea that you wish you could do instead, but don’t know where to start, this is for you.

The women we work with go from killing time in their career, worrying that it’s too late to be their own boss … To getting their business up and running (and profitable) without ever writing a business plan.
Yep, it’s true that SOME kind of plan is needed. But our clients ditch the admin, and are able to launch their company in as little as 8 weeks.

Not just that, they match (and then surpass) their previous salaries, even if they had no experience working for themselves, and without burning any bridges or skipping a single pay check.
Interested in exactly how they do this? Book a FREE Breakthrough Session and let’s discuss your business and if you are a good fit for our program

Learn Your Character Strengths

1 Hr, One-on-One

Rather than focusing on deficits and problems, 360 BC focuses on positive affirmation, creating opportunities for hope, change and happiness. This is a 1:00 session with tools to help you know your work Strengths . What you do especially well.

Strengths can be defined as pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic and energizing to the you, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance.

They are distinguished from other kind of strengths, such as skills or talent. Strengths come naturally, but skills are learned through training or experience.

Talents are innate ability gained from your biological background and do come naturally, but do not necessarily evoke feelings of joy, energy or authenticity as the use of characterized strengths does.

360 Business Coaching will helping you to match your character strength to a particular entrepreneur career of your choosing

Becoming A Woman/Minority Certified Company

45 Mins, One-on-One

A Minority- and Women- Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) is Any business that is owned, operated, and controlled primarily by women or minority group members. Private, state and national agencies certify MWBE for programs that gives them broader access to potential clients and financial resources.

Should you certify your company? How to become certified? What you will need to become MWBE certified.

How to Set Smart Goals

1 Hr, One-on-One

Smart Goals are specific measurable and achievable goals. This is an one hour session discussing your goals and starting a pathway to obtain them.

Your Business Concept

45 Mins, One-on-One

This is where your ideas are discussed and assessed for viability and for success. I will ask you probing questions that will help you get clarity on your business.

Starting a business 101

2 Hrs, One-on-One

I will help you set up your business for success, with the right tools. I will ask you probing questions that will give you clarity on your business. I will also guid you while you develop your business plan.

Your time with me is a time for you to think through your business plan. It’s a chance to identify opportunities and discover weaknesses in your business idea.

I will also share with you information from my 24 years experience as an entrepreneur to accelerate your launch.

Recurring Session

1 Hr, One-on-One

These recurring sessions are ONLY for 360 Business Coach weekly clients