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360 Launch Your Business in 8 Week

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Welcome to 360 Business Accelerator, your path to propelling your company’s growth and realizing the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned. Our mission is to guide professionals like you through a proven system, step by step, to achieve remarkable success.

Are you ready to leave behind the limitations of the past and embark on a journey of accelerated growth? At 360 Business Accelerator, we’re committed to helping you shape a thriving future for your company.

Our Approach:

  • Define Your Vision: Together, we’ll explore your company’s history and unearth its potential. By understanding where you’ve been, we can precisely chart where you want to go. We’re dedicated to achieving a crystal-clear vision of success that aligns with your aspirations.
  • Turbocharge Growth: Through a meticulous examination of each facet of your company, we’ll uncover opportunities for enhancement. Our focus is on actionable steps, efficient systems, and seamless processes. We’re here to ensure that your company operates effortlessly, allowing you to step back from day-to-day operations and embrace a more abundant life.
  • Empower Every Department: From operations to marketing, from finance to customer relations, we’ll work collaboratively to optimize each department. Our mission is to propel your company’s efficiency, enabling it to thrive even in your absence.

Imagine a business where systems run seamlessly, growth is the norm, and your time is freed up to savor the rewards of your hard work. Our proven approach ensures that you not only witness growth but also revel in the lifestyle you deserve.

Are you prepared to embark on this transformative journey? It’s time to take decisive action and position your company for unparalleled success.

Let’s Connect:

Ready to see the transformation unfold? Let’s connect for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. During this session, we’ll explore how the 360 Business Accelerator can tailor its strategies to your unique needs.

Experience the journey to growth, efficiency, and abundance. Say yes to a future where your company thrives and you flourish.

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Our programs

Providing Positive One-on-One Coaching | Peer Group Coaching |Launch Your Business Online Course

Size doesn’t matter. We help start-ups and established businesses gain a competitive edge.

360 Business Coach for Minority and Women business owners
1:1 Business Coaching

Ready to conquer challenges and achieve exceptional results? Our skilled coaches understand your journey and transform obstacles into triumphs. Benefit from tailored, action-driven guidance for sustained growth, delivered by business owners who've walked your path. What We Offer: Crafted sessions, weekly or bi-weekly, tailored to you Business planning, goal setting, and value refinement Team empowerment and positive labor dynamics Enhancing products, services, and customer connections Efficient operations, streamlined credit, and collections Amplifying sales, strategic marketing, and forecasting Budgeting for financial triumph, optimized back-office Shift focus from day-to-day to growth potential
Experience unparalleled business results with 360 Business Coach. Develop, iterate, and thrive under expert mentorship. Book now and unlock your business's next level!

CEO Peer Group

Big businesses have exceptional peer groups. Get Connected! Get Support!

If you're at $5 million, why aren't you at $10m? Is it a Logistics problem? Cash Flow? Accounting? Relationships?

Who do you talk to about these issues?

Many business owners have no one to turn to when they feel in over their heads. Joining the 360 Business Coach peer group is like having a personal (and friendly) board of advisors or executive team focused on creating solutions for all your business decisions. Plus, with different peer groups based on your experience, you can grow exactly where you are.
We have CEO Peer Groups of:

  • Bronze-: Startups and new ventures- 0-1 year in business
  • Silver: Established owners 2-5 years in business with revenues between $500K-2.5 million.
  • Gold: Established owners with 2.5+ years in business with $2 -10 million in annual revenues
  • business-coach

    360 Launch Your Business In As Little As 6 Months

    Many business owners are sick and tired of working for someone else. If you are a female business owner who is stuck in a position that you have long outgrown, it’s time for a change. Bring your passion for your new business and 360 Business Coach will help you take it from an idea to a fully launched company  in as little as 24 weeks.

    What you can expect from 360 small business coaching services:

    • Positive action-based entrepreneurial mindset coaching services
    • Help building your products or services
    • Help creating your business roadmap (plan)
    • Help to build a company deck
    • Help with your 3-year company financial projections
    • Help with choosing a business entity
    • Help with your website and digital presence
    • Help choosing a location
    • Help in setting up your back-office
    • Help selecting the best marketing plan
    • High doses of accountability via peer groups

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