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Meet Rose Salem-Tilford

With over twenty-five successful years in business, Rose has deep insight and leadership experience across various industries as an employee, entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur.  She has created and operated a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (NWBE), an Information Technology staffing firm doing business as a preferred vendor for Fortune 500 financial companies in New York state and city agencies.  Rose has also enjoyed utilizing her coaching skills and business knowledge to support and guide underprivileged youth, helping them gain access to information technology careers.  Additionally, she conceived and launched an entertainment and marketing company that later sold for over 50 million dollars; and created a men’s/women’s fashion retail brick and mortar and e-commerce store.   It has been her pleasure to assist many clients in pursuing their dreams across the following industries: 

  • E-commerce
  • Private Jets & Luxury Concierge
  • Publishing & e-books
  • Entertainment/Record Labels
  • Marketing
  • Out of Home Advertisement
  • Merchandise Licensing
  • Ready to wear men and women fashion line
  • Real Estate

 Rose is a BIG believer in a solid return on investment (ROI) and knowing your market, both of  which are key components to success!

Her motto “Measure twice, cut once” means do your homework thoroughly and then execute!

But sometimes you reach an impasse. This is when an experienced entrepreneurs’ guidance can be an invaluable resource.

Having a coach who understands exactly where you are, offering you guidance as you attempt to avoid potential pitfalls, is simply priceless.

Rose will provide you with measured one-to-one coaching for a concentrated set amount of time. This allows us to work together to create your individual plan and learn what steps you need to take to reach your goals.

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