How to create your business deck

Business Planning Session

Business plans, also known as (aka) business decks are great for business owners as well as potential partners and investors. I like business decks because they are concise, less wordy than the traditional business plan.  A business deck gives entrepreneurs clarification on their company and help set a road map for the first few years of being in business. For potential partners and investors business decks give insight to what your business is, what makes it special, and projected cost & profit. They are highly recommended and essential for a successful business. 

A good business Deck will include these things:

  • Company Overview
  • Mission/Vision of the Company
  • The Team 
  • The Problem (what problem are you solveing?)
  • Your Company’s Solution
  • The Market Opportunity 
  • What is Your Product 
  • Who are the target customers?
  • Who is Your Competition
  • Traction (early customers, early adopters, partnerships)
  • How do you plan to market? 
  • Financials (actual and projected profit & loss and cash flow from day one, meaning how much will it cost to start your business and projecting 3 years out)
  • The Ask 


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